Monday, May 17, 2010

Abdul Malik Ibn Quraib Al-Asmai

Abdul Malik Ibn Quraib Al-Asmai was born in Basrah in 740 C.E. He was a pious Arab and a good student of Arabic poetry. Al-Asmai is considered as the first Muslim scientist who contributed to Zoology, Botany and Animal Husbandry.

His famous writings include Kitab al-Ibil, Kitab al-Khalil, Kitab al- Wuhush, Kitab al-Sha, and Kitab Khalq al-Insan. The last book on human anatomy demonstrates his considerable knowledge and expertise on the subject. Al-Asmai died in 828 C.E.

Al-Asmai's work was very popular among scientists of the ninth and tenth century.

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